Our Property Management Services - Kingfisher Realty Burleigh

What can Kingfisher Realty do for you?

At Kingfisher Realty we recognise the importance of servicing all our clients and their properties to an unparalleled level of service. We understand that our clients want to achieve the maximum return on your investment in any market, whilst still providing a reliable, stress-free management that our landlords demand. Our clients can rest assure that their property is taken care of by Kingfisher Realty as if it were our own. We handle every aspect of the management of your property!


Kingfisher Realty provides:

  • An award winning service and systems to achieve you the highest possible return in a manner that will establish a long and profitable relationship for all concerned
  • An open and clear communication link between you and the tenants. All landlords are kept in constant communication with our rental specialists so they know everything that is going on with relation to their property.
  • Financial reports are also provided, ensuring our landlords that their investment is being professionally managed
  • A hands on approach, so we can really meet the needs of your investment property
  • A personalised service, which gives you the satisfaction that we are doing everything possible for your property and identifying potential problems and solving them before they become an issue


Whatever your goal from your investment property, we are able to help you maximise your financial return to earn additional income, make capital gains or provide you with a nest egg for your retirement.

With such an enthusiastic, skilled and dedicated team, our property management services consistently provide our clients with a personalised, professional and results driven service.